Crosstown Steppin

 One of the best steppin classes in Chicago!                               

New Location on
Markham Pk District
16053 Richmond Ave

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to serve Communities, Groups, and Individuals of all ethnicity with mature and fun filled entertainment though using the art of dancing.  Mainly Chicago Style Steppin, to develop the human body physically and mentally, so that all may find True Peace as we balance life’s work and play ethics.


Our Goal

CrossTown Steppin offers one of the #1 steppin and walkin classes in Chicago.  We have over seven years of experience specializing in Chicago Style Steppin. 

Our  goal is to provide conveniently located facilities to all those interested in partaking in the leisure of steppin whether it be on the Eastside, Southside, Westside, or North side of town.  Our reputation for being one of the best classes in town crosses over into various ethnic groups in Chicago and beyond.

Our dedicated team of instructors are seasoned steppers that will take you from the very beginning (basic) to the very best (competition) in steppin.  If you are tired of sitting on the sideline, CrossTown Steppin is where you want to be.

CrossTown Steppin offers Group and Private Steppin Lessons for individuals and special occasions.  We also offer classes for Walkers.  If you are interested in learning how to step or walk, please contact us at

For more information call 773-722-8042.

Our Philosophy

“FUN FIRST” is our motto.  We at CrossTown promotes fun.  We want every student to have as much fun as possible.  Our social structure is in place to address practically every aspect of Chicago Style steppin.  Students never again have to worry about a boring past time.


About Teaching

At CrossTown Steppin we will prepare students for the mature, fun filled  dance called Chicago Style Steppin.

CrossTown Steppin is very serious about making sure that students progress and become great steppers.  To achieve this, we put a great deal of effort into being excellent instructors and providing the very best service possible to our students.

 We have several locations, however, no matter which location students attend, the same quality of service will be provided.  All of our head instructors are taught to teach the same styles, in the same way, while having the ability to improvise.

CrossTown’s head instructors are qualified steppers trained to teach Chicago Style Steppin.  The head instructors at CrossTown have excellent people skills and understand the everyday trials and tribulations of the average person, so when someone from one of our classes is having a bad day, everyone tries to make the day end with a smile. Our motto is of course 'FUN FIRST', and we make every attempt to live up to our motto.

Upon entering the class a student can expect to be evaluated, assigned to a station,(i.e., station #1,  #2 or  #3) which is based on his or her steppin ability and development, and given a syllabus with step-by-step, weekly, detailed instructions as to what he or she will learn.  We have found that the station method is an extremely effective tool to use in providing excellent steppin instruction.

Our teaching method also involves teaching five levels of Chicago Style Steppin, Basic A & B, Intermediate, Advance, and Competition.  Let’s not forget about Walkin. Yes, we do also offer excellent Walkin instructions.

As far as what format we offer--A Format is the fundamental steps, movements, and laws that govern Chicago Style Steppin. The answer to that question that we teach all of them (2,4,6, and 8 step format).  Additionally, we teach both right and left foot formats, meaning formats that begin using the left foot and formats that begin using the right foot. 

The three steppin styles we teach are, Original, Free Style, and Walkin.

Chicago Style Steppin is a dance which has many methods of being taught, but ultimately it is one idea that consists of precise timing, a unique rhythm, and two specific roles (The male leads the dance and the female follows his lead).

If a student’s goal  to become a True Stepper.  There are three aspects of steppin that a student has to obtain, 1) All, students must participate in class,  2) students must practice what has been taught, and 3) students must make the dance practical.  The practical aspect of the lesson is achieved by taking students on dance outings which assures them of getting in the dance practice necessary to learn steppin, as well as having someone to dance with while there out.


About Steppin


  1. Basic Steppin

We have two levels of basic steppin, making the basic class from CrossTown one of the strongest.  If a student completes the basic steppin program at CrossTown, we guarantee they will be able to hold their own on the dance floor as good, or better then the average Chicago style basic steppers.  Also, upon completion of basic steppin levels A and B, students will be granted a Certificate of Completion as verification of becoming a true stepper.

  1. Intermediate Steppin

Intermediate steppin is for those who want to advance to the category of the so called heavy hitters.  There is no intermediate steppin certificate.  There is only a basic Certificate of Completion and an Advance Certification. The intermediate class is designed to develop complicated and tricky moves and styles of Chicago Style Steppin.  It tightens up and strengthens every aspect of steppin.

  1. Advanced Steppin

When our students complete the advance level at CrossTown Steppin, our students can step and has the ability to step with anyone else that can step.

Basic Steppers Etiquette

With our stepper’s etiquette for females we use a variety of routines to teach how to maintain format.  We teach the skills necessary to know exactly where to be at anytime during the dance; and we make sure that techniques of maintaining the beat are learned before advancement can be achieved.  We teach our students to perfect turns, solve the dizzy problem, and to recover if a turn has not been executed correctly.

The most important aspect in terms of steppin for the female is to respond to the males lead. In depth instructions are implemented to teach females these essential methods to becoming excellent steppers.

With our stepper’s etiquette for males we use a variety of routines to teach males how to be tentative to the female.  We teach the skills needed to guide the female to where she should be in order to execute a move correctly and we make sure the art of timing technique is learned.  We teach men to dance.  We don’t let the lady dance alone. 

 The most important aspect in terms of steppin for a male is the lead. In depth instruction is dedicated to and implemented when it comes to teaching males essential methods to becoming excellent steppers.